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Middle East Sports Investment Forum 2024 Partners with SDA Bocconi for Groundbreaking White Report.

In an innovative move aimed at shedding light on the booming sports investment landscape in the Middle East, the Middle East Sports Investment Forum 2024 (MESIF) announces a strategic partnership with the Sports & Entertainment Knowledge Centre of SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan. Together, they will publish a joint White Report focusing on key topics integral to the region's sports ecosystem.

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May 23, 2024 – Milan, Italy:  

The forthcoming White Report launched today between the Middle East Sports Investment Forum 2024 and SDA Bocconi, will delve into crucial themes spanning various facets of sports and investment in the Middle East. Among the highlighted subjects are esports, the eagerly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2034, female sports leadership, and the sustainability and legacy aspects of major sports projects. The report will elaborate on key lessons from panel discussions at MESIF 2024 taking place at the Emirates Stadium on the 5th of June.







Dino Ruta, FIFA Master Scientific Director at the Sport & Entertainment Knowledge Center of SDA Bocconi, emphasized the transformative potential of sustainable investments:

"Sustainable investments in sports assets such as athletes, events, clubs, and infrastructures inspire people for a better world, generating socio-economic impacts and legacies. Being a knowledge partner of MESIF 2024, the Sport & Entertainment Knowledge Center of SDA Bocconi would like to present itself as a bridge between education and impact investing in the sports and events industries in the Middle East. Institutions, companies, and academics will be reunited during this key event in London to share knowledge and create awareness of the great effort the Middle East is making to be recognized in the world as a hub for sports and entertainment worldwide, and we are delighted to partner on this initiative."

Maximilian Lejman, Event Director at MESIF 2024 added:

"This partnership with SDA Bocconi represents a significant milestone for MESIF and the sports investment community in the Middle East. Our joint White Report will provide valuable insights and drive forward the conversation on key topics such as Esports, female sports leadership, and sustainability. We are excited to collaborate with industry experts and stakeholders to create a comprehensive resource that will shape the future of sports in the region."

This collaborative effort signifies a concerted push towards fostering dialogue and knowledge-sharing within the industry. By bringing together the expertise of MESIF, a leading platform for sports investment in the region, and the esteemed academic prowess of SDA Bocconi's Sports & Entertainment Knowledge Centre, the White Report aims to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations for stakeholders across the sports spectrum.

In light of this ambitious endeavor, MESIF and SDA Bocconi extend an open call to industry stakeholders, experts, and practitioners to contribute their insights and expertise to the White Report. 

Interested contributors are encouraged to reach out to MESIF and SDA Bocconi for more information on how to participate in this landmark initiative. Stay tuned for further updates and the release of the White Report.

For more information and registration details, please contact us at

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